The 8th album of Quartango shows the encounter between passion and elegance, between writing rigor and humor. New musical accomplices also emerging with four soloists and chamber musicians who know that virtuoso emulation should never stand in front of the artistic friendship.

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ALBUM COMPLET MP3 (102 Mo) $10.99
Rouge (Stéphane Aubin) (5.47) $0.99
Bolero (Richard Hunt) (4.04) $0.99
Little Umbrellas (Frank Zappa) (3.20) $0.99
Panuelos (Stéphane Aubin) (5.30) $0.99
El diablo se IIama Igor (Igor Stravinsky) (5.30) $0.99
Juillet (Antoine Bareil) (4.48) $0.99
Gran Hotel Victoria (Féliciano Latasa) (3.45) $0.99
Strength of the Righteous (Ennio Morricone) (2,12) $0.99
Mafalda (Stéphane Aubin) (2.58) $0.99
Andaluz (Richard Hunt) (3.46) $0.99
Un rey en Paris (Jonathan Goldman) (3.59) $0.99
Tango Revolucion (François Dompierre) (4.02) $0.99
Spanish Tango (Richard Hunt) (4.51) $0.99
Nieves (Gene Di Novi) (5.01) $0.99

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